How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop

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How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop, Third Edition is the motorcycle hobbyist�s bible for arranging space for building, maintaining and repairing your bike. It covers spaces for all purposes, from making quick-and-dirty repairs by the side of the road, to professional facilities supporting major motorcycle racing teams. The book takes you inside real motorcycle shops with profiles of small-garage shops, big-garage shops, restorers� shops, collectors� shops, semi-pro shops, and professional shops, and even a major race-team support facility. It covers everything from what color to paint the floor to arranging overhead lighting for best effect. Loaded with new information about computers, cordless power tools, advanced lighting systems and much, much more, the third edition continues to be the most complete and authoratative guide to setting up your motorcycle workshop.

Copyright © 1996, 2003, 2010 by C.G. Masi
Length: 176 pages
ISBN: 1-884313-81-7
Publisher: Whitehorse Press
Format: Paperback
Softcover Price: U.S. $26.95
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